Energy Metals


for the

21st Century

We bring a new development model to our partnerships, mixing groundbreaking technology with boots-on-the-ground experience.

About the Company

Global Subsurface develops new energy metals ventures in the Americas and beyond. We find and validate a deposit, establish a growth strategy based on regulatory, infrastructure and environmental realities, secure early-round investments and access to public markets, and install a management team poised for long-term growth

We’re led by Mike Kobler, a longtime energy executive/entrepreneur who has launched major new ventures in the energy sector. Mike’s first venture was as co-founder and CEO of Osum Oil Sands Corp, an oil sands project based in Alberta, Canada. At Osum, Mike oversaw growth from zero to a valuation approaching $500 million CAD. Osum was later acquired by Strathcona Resources.

More recently, Mike co-founded and led American Lithium Corp. based in Tonopah, NV. He and his team prospected, validated, and secured what has become one of the largest claystone lithium projects in North America, expected to increase lithium production in the U.S. by orders of magnitude. Mike grew American Lithium from zero to a valuation of $400 million CAD before turning it over to its long-term management team in 2022.

Under Mike’s leadership, Global Subsurface is pursuing the next set of opportunities in lithium and other energy metals. An important component of our work is developing a new model of exploration to replace previous approaches that have not changed much in the last half century. We’re leaders in combining new technologies such as mobile spectrometry and machine learning with deep, in-the-field experience to interpret what the technology finds. In fact, in 2022, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded Global Subsurface a research grant to continue refining this work.

The result is exploration that’s faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective than ever. We bring this new model to our work around the world — often focusing on overlooked or misunderstood jurisdictions — and then launch new ventures to develop the opportunities we find.